Cat no Square head centre punches Size
THP 175 5 P/C set in wallet 1.6mm - 4mm point
Cat no Scribers Size
THP 200 Double ended bent 190mm
THP201 Carbide scriber 150mm
Cat no Trammels Size
THP 350 Pair Trammels /
Cat no Pin punches  
THP 400 8 pcs short set, in wallet 1.6mm - 6.4 diameter
THP 425 7 pcs long set, in wallet 2mm - 10mm diameter
THP 450 13 pcs comb set, in wallet 1.6mm - 9.5 diameter
THP 475 14 pcs comb set, in wallet 1.6mm - 9.5 daimeter
Cat no Tap Wrench Size
THP 300 T handle short range m1 - m4
THP 301 T handle short range m4 - m8
THP 302 T handle short range m6 - m12
THP 340 T handle ratchet set2 m6 - m12
THP 341 T handle long range (330mm) m6 - m12
THP 345 Bar type (set2) m6 - m13
THP 320 Bar type 235mm length m2.5 - m8
THP 321 Bar type 500mm length m5.5 - m16
THP 322 Bar type 1000mm m9.0 - m25
Cat no Wheel Dresser Size
THP 250 13mm Ø x 200 1 / 2 carat
THP 260 12 Ø with handle 1 / 2 carat
Cat no Magnifies Size
THP 225 50mm Ø lens x 2.5 Mag
Cat no Vice Size
THP 360 Unigrip Drill press 110 opening
/ Vice 115 long
Cat no Tweezers Size
THP 275 Tweezers (sets 4) 115mm long
Cat no Spring dividers Size
THP 001 Spring dividers 100mm
THP 002 Spring dividers 150mm
THP 003 Spring dividers 200mm
THP 004 Spring dividers 250mm
THP 005 Spring dividers 300mm
Cat no Inside calipers Size
THP 010 Inside calipers 75mm
THP 011 Inside calipers 100mm
THP 012 Inside calipers 150mm
THP 013 Inside calipers 200mm
THP 014 Inside calipers 300mm
Cat no Outside calipers Size
THP 020 Outside calipers 75mm
THP 021 Outside calipers 100mm
THP 022 Outside calipers 150mm
THP 023 Outside calipers 200mm
THP 024 Outside calipers 300mm
Cat no Description Blade length
THP 101 Precision steel square 75mm
THP 102 Precision steel square 100mm
THP 104 Precision steel square 150mm
THP 106 Precision steel square 225mm
THP 108 Precision steel square 300mm
THP 109 Precision steel square 450mm
THP 110 Precision steel square 600mm
THP 120 Precision steel square (Set 4) 50mm - 150mm
Pin punches
Pin Punches
Tap Wrench
Tap Wrench
Tap Wrench Bar
Tap Wrench Bar
Spring Dividers
Sprig dividers
Precision square
Precision Square