Description:   Drills, Chucks & Arbors


Drill sleeves and arbors

This product has been manufactured from high grade quality tool steel, fully ground and hardened guaranteed accuracy and fit.

It is individually packed and concentricity is guaranteed.

all chucks are heavy duty type, with precision ground scrolls and toughened Jaws and rack
Cat No Drill Sleeves Size  
TMA 100 Drill sleeve MT2-MTI 1--2
TMA 101 Drill sleeve MT3-MT2 2--3
TMA 102 Drill sleeve MT3-MT1 1--3
TMA 103 Drill sleeve MT4-MT3 3--4
TMA 104 Drill sleeve MT4-MT2 2--4
TMA 105 Drill sleeve MT4-MT1 1--4
TMA 106 Drill sleeve MT5-MT4 4--5
TMA 107 Drill sleeve MT5-MT3 3--4
TMA 108 Drill sleeve MT6-MT5 5--6
Cat no Drill Arbors Size  
TMA 150 Drill Arbors MT2--B16  
TMA 151 Drill Arbors MT3--B16  
TMA 152 Drill Arbors MT2--B12  
Cat no Keyed drill chuck Size  
MTA 200 Keyed drill chuck 1--10mm 1/2--20UNF  
MTA 201 Keyed drill chuck 1--13mm B16  
MTA 202 Keyed drill chuck 1--13mm 1/2--20UNF  
MTA 203 Keyed drill chuck 1--16mm B16  
MTA 250 chuck key only S3--13/16mm