Importers and distributors of the largest range of Magnets and magnetic materials and magnetic accessories of all types:

• Special wires and metals
• Springs and clips
• Workshop marking out tools and measuring equipment
• Blading and industrial knives
• Hand tools:
• Magnetic lifters and bases
• Torque Wrenches with calibration service

and much much more


The company was purchased by the current Directors in 1979 and commenced operation as manufacturer's agents and representatives / commisssion agents specializing in technical and engineering products. Over the following years the company gradually became importers and distributors still maintaining its strengths in the technical + engineering fields

In 1999 the company purchased its own offices and warehouse in Randburg, and the expanded faciliteis allowed the company to increase stock ans servicing levels particularly in the permanent magnets and magnetic materials.

In 2012 the company embarked on an extension of its product range to service select distributors handling workshop marking out tools and measuring equipment, engineering, blading and industrial knives, hand tools, magnetic lifters and bases and a range of torque wrenches and the company at the same time established its own calibration service for torque wernches.